The Sound of Music Tickets – New Maria Wins Reality Show

Fans now have a new reason to vie for The Sound of Music tickets. While The Sound of Music may be one of the classic musicals, the way that the Canadian production cast the newest actress to play Maria is the more recent crazy of reality television. After going through months of auditions and competitions, Elicia MacKenzie will be the next Maria in the Toronto production of the famous show.

MacKenzie almost didn’t make it to the auditions. The 23 year old had to decide between becoming a massage therapist and going to school for acting and chose to attend the Capilano College and got a degree in Performing Arts. She loved the musical the first time she saw it at the tender age of seven. Other than acting and singing, she also enjoys reading and rollerblading. With her winning personality, she is sure to make The Sound of Music tickets even hotter.

MacKenzie was not the favorite from the beginning, but slowly won more and more fans as the weeks progressed. It was a long road for MacKenzie and the other contestants. There were 200 women to try out for the show, which was quickly cut to 50. From there, they went to “Maria School” before 10 were chosen for the live shows. The women were judged by Simon Lee, the vocal coach Elaine Overholt and actor John Barrowman. The show was called How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and aired on CBC. It was meant to be similar to a series in the U.K. that helped in the casting of the West End production.

The Sound of Music was loved from the moment it came out and continues to be a favorite today whether on stage or film. It tells the story of Maria, who becomes the governess of the von Trapp family. The stage is set in Austria during World War II right as Germany’s takeover is imminent. Maria is studying to become a nun, but it unsure about giving up her freedom in order to take her vows. The setup with the von Trapps is so she can decide. She finds her decision even harder as she finds herself with feelings for Captain von Trapp. This story has captivated generations and is even better on stage. See the Toronto revival and reserve your The Sound of Music tickets today.

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